Aerial Imagery - Photos and Video from above!
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Aerial Imagery Ltd is based in Christchurch, New Zealand. We are passionate about aerial photography, videography and being an important part of your project, however big or small.

We have 25 years flying experience and utilise proven modern UAV(Unmanned aerial vehicle) / 'drone' technology and skills to bring to you photos and video that would otherwise be very expensive and difficult to obtain. We don't compromise on safety and our equipment, experience and procedures reflect this.

We can cater for the small one off task or the larger projects with prices that are hard to beat.

If desired, you are able to sit in the passenger seat, see what the pilot can see and direct the pilot to achieve your desired shots.

We offer;
- 12mp (4000x3000­) photos
- 1080p 60 FPS video
- Photos/video from any angle
- Video editing service available
- Photo printing service available

Our service proves excellent for documentaries, sports, events, promotional or marketing materials, legal documents and presentation aids.

Other applications include architectural planning, construction progress photos, tower inspection, commercial roof & structure inspection, real estate marketing, news broadcast, insurance investigation, etc.

Where ever you need to get to, we can get there!

Aerial Imagery Ltd is a Registered New Zealand Business.